Do you have a musical or video project ?


Le Baron opens the doors of his Studio Ephémère for you, just a stone’s throw from the Champs Elysées in Paris. 

Short movie, Video Clip, Documentary, album or E.P project.., let’s talk about it. 

Collaboration is also a possibility if you need an original composition 

Don’t hesitate to join us for further informations.

– Console 02R96 Yamaha

– Cubase studio/Pro Tools/Logic Audio/ Ableton Live

– Focusrite LiquidMix (32 canaux comp/eq sur DSP)

(Plug in : Suite Wave/Vienna Orchestra/EZ drummer)

– Monitoring Yamaha NS10

– Monitoring Dynaudio BM6

– Double préamp APHEX 107

– Double préamp/DI/comp/eq Joemeek TwinQ

– Préamp/Deheser/comp/eq STL Rack one

– PCM91 Lexicon

– M2000 TC Electronics (avec automation, carte 02R tc unity)

– Finalizer TC Electronics (avec automation, carte 02R tc unity)

– Préampli guitare Marshall JMP1

– Alesis Quadraverb

– Ampli casque Samson 4 canaux

– 2 Casques AKG k.55

– 2 Casques Behringer hpx2000

– 2x amplis casques mobiles micro amp ha400

– Neumann U87

– 2 Sennheiser E609 Silver

– 2 AKG C414

– 2 Oktava MK-012

– 1 Behringer b-2 pro

– 4 Shure SM58

– 2 Shure SM57